Preamble of the C N D University : the University founded in 25.01.2010 by Bishop A.J.D. Ch. Sobhan Babu (Amarthaluri Jai Das Chandra Sobhan Babu alias Jai Das Chandra Amarthaluri Sobhan Babu,J.C.A. Sobhan Babu, now he is Priest Bishop of India.) In Guntur under a sister society of Christ New Testament Ministry, Regd. No. 247/2008, at primary stage, its name is YMCA Bible College, Managed by YMCAREPALLE Society, Regd. No. 180/1999,he is first student of the college in 1999 along with 12 students with the course of B.T.S. of TAFTEE, on those days the faculties came from various church fathers, they designed self styled courses to understand the  students, the tradition appreciated by many, so, that way is continued yearly in place of B.T.S., On 13.08.2008 it was came in to branch of the C N T Ministry, the theological process introduced and founded a ‘Christ New Testament Bible College ‘ managed by the committee of Ministry, it was up graded as ‘Christ New Testament Deemed University’ with Autonomous nature and having 07 Bible colleges as Members in different Districts, in 2017 it is separated and formed self styled Trust. Regd. No. 172/IV/2017. Now, the trustees of five members nominate the Senate Members including them.