Specialty of the C N D University

Preparing the working pastors to be academic qualified to serve in their local congregations to do Sacramental, unfortunately most of the Indian pastors were not studied Christian theological courses and major numbers were illiterates, due to that reason they were blamed by everyone including the mainline pastors to the independent pastors. In this University who joined as student either pastor or lay leader or believer, they must attend the classes physically, the faculty will test his knowledge and teach them in his knowledge level, student must pay monthly/yearly fee, attend classes, write assignments and annual examinations, attend field work, social work, etc.,

Eligibility :

Every one shall study from the certificate level course. Who is read and write in their local language or illiterate students must write the exams with the help of the helper, if they blind or physically handicapped, they will write with helpers.

Mode of Study :

student can learn or study as under this process

  1. Distance Education – Annual Exams, Credit Score based results,
  • Regular :Off Campus courses, Monthly classes Assignments, Physical attendance, Faculty teaching.
  • One sitting:For busy people, home study oriented, Postal study & exams, guide follow up program.
  • Online:For employees, online teaching, exams, payments and certificate, no time limit.
  • Seminary:Weekend, Summer, winter seasonal classes, faculty teaching, short term courses.
  • Continuity:For the dropouts students, they can study any mode where they dropped,

2.Academic Education- Semester Exams, Proficiency Marks, Grading Results, Framed course period

  • School Study : Undergraduate Courses will study,
  • College Study : Bachelors and Masters Degree Courses will study,
  • University Study : Doctoral Degree Courses will study, guide follow up,
  • Dual Degree Course : Study Theologically academic and secular in distance or study Theologically distance and secular in academic or both in academic or both in distance.
  • Online Course : Everything through online

3.Fast Track Education – Short term studies as per the age

  • Crash Course :Student can complete any course within a year based on the previous study, faculty Teaching, physical attendances compulsory, weekly classes.
  • Online Course: Student can complete any course within 10 to 30 weeks by on line exams, on line teaching.