1. Officers : University officers shall be as follows and their role of activities.
  2. The President cum Chancellor –

President is the head of the University and he is a founder as per the Trust, this office will look      after the overall  administration and  confirm the doctoral degree awards from the intellectuals,    the President will preside the meetings of

  1. General Body of the Organization 2. Senate of the  University
  2. The Board of Trustees shall be called as General Body of the Organization, they are five members, among them President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer, they will look after the organization whole activities, day to day administration, extensions, social works, establishments and approve the Senate resolutions  and amend.
  3. Senate of the University members are elected from the membership Colleges/ Research Centers/ Educational Institutions having two delegates of each they were  approved by the President, among the delegates  10% members of the ttal  will retire and they may be re elect up to three terms, each term one year as per the academic  semester, the President will preside the meeting to elect Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrars, Deans, Faculties, College Management Committees,

Courses, Syllabus, Exams etc., will be resolve,  the President will be the  Chancellor of the University

who elected among the Trustees, the term will be fixed by the the General Body.

The President will appoint the Vice Chancellor from among the Senate members or     outside of the Institutions with experience either paid or honorary.

  1. The Vice Chancellor :

The Vice Chancellor shall be the head of the Internal educational promotional structure, he preside the Executive committee of the University to design administrative policies, educational policies etc., He is answerable to the President as a head of organization  and to the Chancellor in administrative sector, he will direct the Deans, Registrar from time to time work.

Pro Vice Chancellor, Registrars, Deans, Controller of Examinations, Bursar etc., Will work under his directions or control.

  1. The Pro Vice Chancellor :

He will look after the promotional courses and mode of classes activities and he is the head of all Deans and their departments.

  1. The Registrar

Admit the students, issue the Identity cards, control the membership Colleges administration, appoint the  management committees to the colleges.

  1. Controller of Examination is the key role in entire University to conduct examinations, he is educationalist and having good knowledge  upon the procedure of conducting exams and give the credits and grading procedure, his decision final to commence the exam on resolution, he will appoint or nominate by the vice chancellor or will elect among the Senate Members.
  2. Bursar is another key person in the University to collect fees, donations, registration fee, gift money, penalties, and pay the salaries, etc., He is elected by the Senate among one, under his control paid staff will work for time to time work as Accountant, Cashier, Field Staff, Colleges finance officers, superintendents etc.,


  1. Councils of the University –


  1. The General Body                  :               Presided by the President
  2. The Senate Council : Presided by the Chancellor
  3. The Executive Council : Presided by the Vice Chancellor